Frequently Answered Questions

I only have a few trucks. What can International Lease Consultants do for me & my fleet?

Our expertise & years of experience gives the smaller operator greater leverage, especially when dealing with large leasing companies. This advantage helps you "level the playing field".

I want to save money on my fleet but I don't want to "rock the boat" with the leasing company.

We respect the existing relationship you may have with the leasing company and only seek to enhance it. Any financial improvements we make on your behalf will not negatively impact the quality of service that you receive.

Do the leasing companies pay International Lease Consultants?

Never! We are an independent company and we do not receive any compensation from any leasing company. We are on your side so to accept compensation from a leasing company would be a blatant & unethical conflict of interest. The reputation we have built since 1975 is extremely valuable to us and we would not risk that by receiving payment from a supplier.

I have owned my fleet for years but am thinking of getting into some type of lease arrangement. What can you do for me & my company?

We have worked with many companies who have gone from 100% ownership of their fleet to some form of truck leasing. We offer a complete "own vs. lease" analysis and if you decide to move into leasing, we can help navigate through that transition so that you maximize the opportunities available as a new lease customer and beyond.

If my company goes through the free & confidential analysis process with International Lease Consultants, is it really free? Is there any obligation to use your services after the analysis? Why do you offer this for free?

Yes, our free & confidential analysis really is free! That may be difficult to believe in this day and age but it's true. And there's absolutely no obligation to hire us after we present our findings although it is our goal to prove to you that hiring our company will help you save money and add value to this area of your business. We offer this free service as a way to build a relationship with you & your key decision-makers. It allows us to learn the unique requirements associated with your business and your fleet. Without that knowledge, we cannot properly assess areas of opportunity and make informed, intelligent recommendations. Additionally, we then have "skin in the game" by having invested our time & resources initially.

What if you can't save me money?

In the extremely rare event that we cannot identify areas for significant improvements, then we, as an independent third-party, effectively validate & confirm that your company is positioned well in this area.

It's a tough economy, business is more challenging than ever - why should I add cost when I'm trying to cut my bottom line & grow my top line?

Typically, our fees are fair and reasonable when measured against your overall spend on fleet costs in a typical year or lease term. Generally speaking, our fee amounts to a few percent of your annual fleet costs. Any fees paid to International Lease Consultants will be more than offset by the savings & cost controls that we generate on your behalf. We state this with confidence based our experience since we started in 1975.

Which leasing company is the best one?

The better question is, "which leasing company is the best one for your company"? There can be advantages to having a large national supplier and there can be advantages to having a smaller, local supplier. It really depends on your unique & specific fleet needs. As we evaluate & review those needs with you, we can make informed recommendations regarding suppliers.

I hate consultants! They only want to tell me what I'm doing wrong and then they charge me a lot of money to do that.

We've heard variations on that theme for years and in many cases, a consultant may not be right for you. We work a little differently from other consultants; we focus on a very specific area of your business and our simple & straightforward goal is to control & drive down costs. We use negotiation strategies, tactics, execution and analyses to accomplish this but the emphasis is on tangible, bottom-line cost savings for our clients.

My leases don't expire for 1, 2 or 3+ years and I do not need any additional equipment so this isn't a good time for me to do anything with my fleet.

Actually, we may be able to find savings opportunities before your current lease expires. Plus, we always recommend getting out in front of the expiring leases by at least 6 months.

I've handled my lease negotiations for years - why do I need you & your company?

Most companies who use a fleet of trucks and drivers to deliver products to their customers are expert at their businesses. This niche is our area of expertise and we can likely build upon your efforts and reduce the amount of time you & your senior management dedicate to the financial & contractual side of your fleet operations. The time savings is often difficult to measure quantitatively but it frees you & your team up to focus on other areas of the business that need your attention.

My business has changed over the years; I used to use smaller, straight trucks now I need larger trucks, tractors, trailers, refrigeration, lift gates, etc. Now I need CDL drivers, routing software and additional units temporarily during my busy season!

Many businesses change & evolve as they grow and therefore, the fleet mix and truck specs can change as well. Additionally, new regulations such as the 2010 emissions requirements have an impact on engine costs. We work with you to identify the best specifications & mix of units for your particular business.

Beyond cost, what other factors do you consider when evaluating a deal?

For your fleet mix, it is important to consider how vehicle specifications impact performance, MPG and operating costs. Contractually, the language must protect the client while not over-burdening the leasing company with unnecessary contractual changes & clauses that can drive up the rates. Additionally, the ever-changing tax laws can affect the "lease vs. own" decision. It is also important to stay current on the latest technologies available, legislation and industry initiatives (such as CSA and the new emission standards). Furthermore, understanding the leasing company's ability to provide the services you require to run your operation effectively often go beyond the dollars & cents in evaluating the best deal for your company.

My fleet operating costs include the trucks, maintenance, labor (drivers & helpers) and insurance. Costs always seem to be going up - I just want the lowest cost deal.

Saving you money is our primary goal. However, it is important to remember that the cheapest deal isn't always the best deal. We work to get you the right deal at the lowest possible cost that best meets your specific needs.

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