I only have a few trucks. What can International Lease Consultants do for me and my fleet?

Our goal, when supporting the needs of our clients, is to provide greater leverage when planning for their leasing needs. This is especially true when dealing with the larger leasing companies since smaller operators may not always feel that they have leverage. Our expertise and experience does make a difference and we have multitudes of clients who can attest to it.

I’d certainly like to save money on my fleet but I don't want to ``rock the boat`` with the leasing company. How does ILC manage the existing relationships we’ve built?

The business relationships our clients develop with other companies are extremely important and ILC recognizes and respects those associations. Any activity we make on behalf of our clients will have no negative impact on the quality of service that they receive.

Further, we’ve found that leasing companies often tend to service ILC clients more efficiently when we’re in the picture, especially when we’re continually involved since we have ongoing interactions.

Do the leasing companies pay ILC?

Absolutely not.

Since our start in 1975, we have maintained ourselves as an independent company and have never received any compensation from any leasing company. We work as an extension of our client’s business and accepting any compensation, gift or benefit from a leasing company would be a blatant conflict of interest and diminish our own industry effectiveness. ILC would never have been able to grow and maintain a client list had we operated in that way.

I have owned my fleet for years but am thinking of getting into some type of lease arrangement. What can you do for me and my company?

ILC has a long history of working with companies who have moved from 100% fleet ownership to any form of truck leasing. For businesses considering that kind of change, we offer a number of services including:

  • a complete “own vs. lease” analysis, demonstrating the value-add and cost-savings that your business could realize through a lease
  • a step by step plan for navigating through the own-to-lease transition
  • ongoing services to ensure the opportunities available to you as a new lease customer are maximized

We recognize this represents a big change for many companies. Contact us before making that decision and we can share our experience with you.

What is my obligation to work with ILC if I take advantage of the no-cost, lease analysis offer?

There is zero obligation. Regardless of whether you are interested in engaging further with ILC, you will be able to use the results of the audit we give you. Our aim is to demonstrate the value of our experience to your company. We conduct these audits to introduce ourselves and develop a relationship with you and other key decision-makers. The information provided to us for this audit enables us to learn the unique requirements of your business and its existing fleet.

Additionally, providing this analysis allows you to see how ILC works. By committing and investing our own time and resources, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

What if ILC is unable to save me money or identify areas of improvement?

In the event that we cannot identify areas for cost savings and/or significant improvement, then we, as an independent third-party, effectively validate & confirm that your company is positioned as well as is possible.

It’s worth noting that, in our experience, the absence of any cost-savings or improvement at the completion of the audit is extremely rare. As truck leasing and the wider transportation industry has become more complicated with a significantly larger number of moving parts, ILC has maintained its position as leading experts. Our clients can attest to that fact.

Business is more challenging than ever in this economy. Why would I consider adding costs for this kind of service when I'm trying to cut my bottom line and grow my top line?

Quite simply, our fees are fair and reasonable when measured against a business’ overall spend on fleet costs in a typical year or lease term.

Our fees typically amount to a few percent of your annual fleet costs and any fees paid to ILC will be more than offset by the savings and cost controls that we generate on your behalf.

This is not a claim we make lightly. ILC states this with confidence, based on over 40 years of experience.

Which leasing company is the best one?

Often, the more appropriate question is, “Which leasing company is the best one for MY business”?

There are advantages to having a large, national supplier and there are advantages to having a smaller, local supplier. There are some perceived disadvantages, as well. It really depends on the unique and specific fleet needs each business has. As ILC evaluates and reviews these unique business traits with our clients, we are able to make informed recommendations regarding suppliers.

I dislike consultants. They only want to tell me what I'm doing wrong and then they charge me a lot of money to do that.

ILC works a bit differently than a typical consultancy. Our focus tends to be on a very specific area of a business’ operations and our core purpose is to identify areas that are costing our clients’ money and then work within a proven process to drive those costs down. It works and we have hundreds of clients and over forty years of business experience to demonstrate it, as well.

We use negotiation strategies, tactics built upon best-practices and then continuous analysis to ensure ongoing cost savings to the companies we work with. Additionally, ILC is more often considered by our clients as an extension of their business, not external consultants who pop in once every few months to see how things are going. Our clients consider us business partners and that may represent our biggest differentiator.

My leases don't expire for 1, 2 or 3+ years and I don’t need additional equipment. Why would this be something to consider for my business now?

ILC recommends getting out in front of an expiring lease by at least six months to ensure your company is as well positioned as possible when it comes to renewals. Additionally, we’re often able to determine cost savings and credits immediately when conducting our no-cost, lease analysis for prospective clients. That level of insight costs nothing and almost always returns legitimate savings.

My company has always handled our lease negotiations ourselves. Why do I need ILC?

Our clients are experts at their businesses. Whether that business is moving produce from farm to market, fish from port to packer, or electrical components from manufacturers to warehouses, they know their workplaces and how to keep them running. While managing a fleet of trucks is essential to successfully running their businesses on a daily basis, managing truck leasing is another story entirely and much more niche. This niche is ILC’s sweet spot, our area of expertise and one which enables our clients to dedicate more of their time to the financial, contractual and operational sides of their organizations.

When the typical truck lease term is 5-7 years, relying on partners to provide the most up-to-date and timely insight of leasing strategy is a solid business move. Further, ensuring that leasing companies are billing for services appropriately, coordinating subs, processing credits, and honoring all aspects of your company’s lease agreements is essential. That’s ILC’s niche and in our experience, goes well beyond what a company is typically able to manage on their own. Let us demonstrate to you how our service pays for itself, repeatedly.

My business has changed over the years; I used to use smaller, straight trucks but now I need larger trucks, tractors, trailers, refrigeration, lift gates, CDL drivers, routing software and even additional units on a temporary basis during my busy season. How do I manage all this and more importantly, how can I be sure I’m managing the right fleet as the business grows?

As businesses evolve and grow, their fleet mix and truck specs tend to change as well. Growth is a good thing but it also introduces countless new areas of responsibility and attention. Additionally, companies can be impacted by change and decisions happening outside their core business. As an example, the new government emissions requirements of 2010 had a direct impact on engine costs and that directly impacted companies leasing trucks.

ILC worked with clients ahead of the new legislation to help them identify the best specifications and mix of units for their particular business needs. That set them up and more appropriately prepared them for the changes.

Our job is to help our clients manage their leasing agreements and strategies today and in the future, bringing specific knowledge and expertise to the discussion and supporting the decisions you need to make.

Beyond cost, what other factors do you consider when evaluating a lease agreement?

While there is plenty of standard content that most truck lease agreements share, there are also a number of areas which can be customized, based upon the business it’s serving. In ILC’s experience, these areas are often overlooked by companies managing their lease operations, resulting in higher costs. Some examples:

  • Understand the importance of how vehicle specifications will impact performance, mileage and operating costs
  • The language in lease contracts need to protect both the leasing company and the client. Significant changes and clauses have the potential to overburden a leasing company, leading to driven-up rates
  • Continually changing tax laws impact the “lease vs. own” argument
  • Staying knowledgable on new technologies, legislation and industry initiatives (e.g. changing emission standards, CSA, etc) can directly impact the costs of leasing

Lastly, the leasing company’s ability to provide the services required for a business to run operations effectively, efficiently and safely will often go well-beyond just the dollars and cents most people will consider. ILC has the ability to provide real insight into lease operators and their service offering because we can see their relationships with other clients of ours.

My fleet operating costs include the trucks, maintenance, labor (drivers & helpers) and insurance. Costs always seem to be going up - I just want the lowest cost deal. Can you really make a difference?

Yes, we can and we have. Repeatedly.

Cutting costs and saving money for our clients is and has been ILC’s primary goal. It is important to recognize that the least expensive deal doesn’t always reflect the best deal. Our role is to help you get the right deal, at the lowest possible cost, and that best meets your specific needs.